Video Artist Sam Linder

Sent in from Dixie:
“The videos, collectively titled “Screen Tests”, are experiments with the languages of the screen and the eye. Cinema, sound, light, rhythm, the body, and the gaze are some of the themes that are explored. Likely watched on ones own personal screen (like the ones in the videos, which seem to serve as the subjects themselves), the viewer will see multiple layers of frames at once. This layering forces its way to the edges of deliberate prefrontal perception and what it really means to actively watch something and relate to it.
While we careen toward digital integration, ideas like these become increasingly relevant, and the opportunity to play with its limits ever more gratifying.”

One thought on “Video Artist Sam Linder

  1. Livia says:

    Whenever video is involved (not movies, but home videos) the gaze can sometimes feel less like a male gaze and more like a voyeuristic /surveilling gaze. “Screen Tests” reminds me of a show that was at the International Center for Photography a while back titled, “Public, Private, Secret.” One of the works in the exhibit, “Mainsqueeze” by Jon Rafman made me feel a similar way, almost like I knew I shouldn’t be watching the collection of videos.

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