Can a White Curator Curate African Art?

Victoria sent in the following article and message:

‘Simply Not a Good Look’: Activist Group Criticizes Brooklyn Museum’s Hiring of White Curator for African Art Department—Museum Responds: ‘Unanimously Selected an Extraordinary Candidate’ [Updated]

“The following article brings up issues of race and identity within the art institution and curation – does your ethnic background give you credibility within the art world? 

It’s interesting that an activist group thinks that Kristen Windmuller-Luna, who has devoted her whole life to extensively studying African Art, is not qualified to curate such a department because of parameters she can not control. It brings up the question that, is it just enough to be a scholar or does one need to have larger ties to an art group in order to ‘properly’ portray such work of said group?”

Windmuller-Luna’s appointment has sparked an ongoing debate…what do you think?

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