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Sent in from Marissa: “A landmark decision by Judge Frederic Block has found the developer Jerry Wolkoff responsible for paying 6.7 million to 21 artists whose work he destroyed after purchasing property in Long Island City, Queens. Wolkoff used the land to build luxury condos, and he destroyed the artists’ work without notifying them or waiting for the proper permits needed to begin construction on the land. As the article details, the decision on the part of Judge Block is important in preserving the rights of graffiti artists and recognizing their work as a fine art, as well as to uphold the Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990. Personally, I think this decision will have a positive impact on our perception of street art and can hopefully help us recognize the value and cultural currency it carries moving forward.”

Judge Rules Developer Must Pay 5Pointz Graffiti Artists $6.7M [UPDATED]





2 thoughts on “5Pointz Graffiti Artists

  1. Zoe says:

    This is a praise-worthy response from the judge and interesting in this time where graffiti artists are being more and more recognised as fine artists. I recently watched the documentary on Netflix, Saving Banksy, which was a view into the commodified world of ‘found’ banksy tags and other street artists around the world.

  2. Cynthia A. says:

    I am so glad the judge sided in this way and I agree with the statement above about this decision helping to reaffirm that street art is still art and deserves to be protected. This reminds me of the “is it art?” debate we have had with works such as Jean-Claude and Christo’s ‘Running Fence’, or Rachel Whiteread’s ‘House’. When an institution (usually a museum) is not there to state that something is art, the question lingers and many times the works are not as respected or appreciated. This is something I think should be addressed and changed because I do not think an institution has to define something as art for it to be considered artistic.

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