Anthony McCall at Pioneer Works

Sent in from Miriam: “I attended this gallery and felt it was beautiful but lacking in captivation. It was only five installations which were strong themselves but I did not feel like staying in the gallery more than ten minutes. The open studios upstairs were more captivating for me because I was able to see the progress of live artists and there were little bars with lounge areas that were very comfortable to chill in. This show is definitely one to see during a quiet, low crowd time because the more people that were there, the less I was able to experience and appreciateĀ the light show.”

One thought on “Anthony McCall at Pioneer Works

  1. Livia says:

    It’s always interesting when I go to an exhibit and I find the work to be interesting or beautiful, but I only want to stay with it for a short period of time. I always wonder if the artist cares how much time we spend with their art, rather than what we ultimately “take away” from it. Does the length of time we spend with art determine how “good” it is?

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