Alt-Right Appropriation of Kruger

Jessica sent in word about Barbara Kruger’s aesthetic popping up on the streets of Los Angeles. Posters featuring Meryl Streep and the words “she knew” over her face were put up in a guerrilla style.

Without knowing the artist or their specific aim, the posters immediately struck me as incredibly troubling. They follow an all too familiar pattern of shaming a woman for a man’s crime. It has since come out that the artist behind the work is Sabo “the alt-right Banksy.” He has made it clear he has no idea whether Streep knew anything about Weinstein’s behavior (but speculates she was somehow complicit). He claims the reason behind the posters was less motivated by the Weinstein controversy, but rather because he wanted to get revenge at Streep for making anti-Trump remarks. Effectively, he hoped to smear her name for something she did not do just as a movie she stars in (The Post) is released.

Thoughts please?

You can read more about it here:

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