Rebel in the Rye

Sent in from Jessica Babe:

Rebel in the Rye: Independent Movie viewed at West 4th street cinema
Rebel in the Rye provides a look into Modernist writer J.D. Salinger’s influences, struggles and demons during both the writing of and the post book fall-out of Catcher in the Rye. 
As a person who hasn’t read Cather in the Rye since high school (the 90s) and is not up on JD Salinger biography the movie provided a succinct overview on the influences, timeline and struggles of the author. Unfortunately, this overview was not accompanied by an emotional charge and viewed more like an outline then a true look inside the life of a man. For such an interesting and tortured character as Salinger, I walked away from the movie without a connection to the writer. More could have been done with film as a form of art versus film as story to charge this picture and create a more complete sense  of who Salinger was.
The film did however peak my interest in the contributions that writers made to the modernist movement.
Jessica Babé

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